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Is there a way to get the number of busy slots on a selenium hub? I only know the hub console url (/grid/console), there I can parse the html code ... but this is quite ugly, and quite slow if ther...

Remove need for sudo when running in Kubernetes/OpenShift Please make sure that the boxes below are checked before you submit your issue. Thank you! Operating System OpenShift 3.6 Image version I have latest version of this image. Upgrade with docker pull elgalu/selenium Docker version I have l. geckoDriverService new session is immediately removed in Regression Report Newly created selenium grid session is immediately closed and browser killed. This issue can be reproduced only with RemoteWebDriver. When grid -timeout is set to 0 (This means do not release session and remove timeou. GitHub - racinmat/PHPOgameBot: Bot for playing browser game Bot for playing browser game Ogame. Base on selenium, codeception, nette and doctrine. Heavily utilizes command pattern. - racinmat/PHPOgameBot

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29 Oct 2017 ... Working with a large scale Selenium Grid involves a lot of ... retrieved from a certain Grid includes the number of slots available in ... o free: 168, Extend Selenium Grid in Test Automation Projects 20 May 2018 ... Selenium Grid is used to speed up the execution of tests by using multiple machines. ... Actually, there's no difference compared to the standard Selenium Grid. ... getNewSession] - Trying to create a new session on test slot .... Selenium C# and NUnit Pain Free Start Guide · Page Object Model with C# ...

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The hub will keep polling the node until it gets a free test slot from the node. The test scripts are made to wait during this time. The hub says there are no free slots for the sixth session to be established with the same node. How to Setup a Hub and Node for Selenium Grid Selenium Grid allows us to execute our tests in multiple machines (physical / virtual) and multiple browsers with different versions, which dramatically speeds up test execution and helps in reducing total amount of time required for test execution. For example, if we have a script that takes 100 minutes to execute sequentially , we could break that down to 10 short tests

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How To Retrieve Information From a Selenium Grid ... Working with Selenium Grid requires an appropriate maintenance and support, but you can make few API calls to it and retrieve data to learn more about how the Grid is performing at present. What is the default port number used by hub in selenium ... Selenium Answer: 4444 Solution: By default 4444 port number is used by selenium or some other application. If there is some other application are already use 4444 port , then first we have to block these applications or change port of these application then we are able to run selenium. Therefore, 4444 is the correct answer.